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Delivery From: Hyderabad, India

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Delivery From: Chennai, India

ASTRAL Pipes & Fittings

World class plumbing, drainage, fire sprinkler and conduit piping systems for both residential and commercial applications, CPVC piping systems for industrial applications and column and pressure piping systems for agriculture applications.

VIKING C.P. Fittings

 Bathroom and Kitchen fittings 

SUPREME Pipes & Fittings

 PVC , SWR , CPVC , UPVC, PPRC  & HDPE Pipes and Fittings 

NVR Valves

Brass forged Ball valves, Brass air vent valves, C.I. Butterfly valves, C.I. non return valve flap type, C.I. Sluice valve with S.S. stem & Gun metal stem and C.I. Y strainers


Ball Valves , Butterfly Valves, Check Valves , Pressure Reducing Valves, Y Strainers and other allied products.

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